Nick Chiles

Author & Journalist

‘Every Little Step’ is Finally Out

Posted on Jun 18, 2016

Bobby coverWhat an incredible emotional roller-coaster it’s been working on this book with Bobby Brown. We started two years ago, when Bobby was in Atlanta for several weeks preparing to go on tour with New Edition. I spent time with him and the entire group and felt like he was in a very good place. But just as we were about to really dive deep into theĀ conversations, he got the horrible news that his daughter was in a coma. So for months I had to watch with everyone else as he suffered through that grueling ordeal. When he was ready to begin work again on the book, I think we were both surprised that he found it helpful and therapeutic to talk about his unbelievable lifeā€”the joys and the tragedies. I am pleased to see that the public is responding well to the book, and the raw honesty that Bobby pours into the pages.